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Gauteng, 2011
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Chem Lab Supplies

Chem Lab Supplies is a company that aims to be the leader of Chemicals supply in Johannesburg as well as Lab Chemicals in South Africa & beyond.

We seek to be established as a preferred Lab Equipment Suppliers and detergent chemicals raw material, and water treatment chemicals.

Call to ask any question about your bulk chemical requirement or email sales@chemlabsupplies.co.za +27116189049
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Quality Lab Chemicals Products and Services that is prompt and efficient Consistent emphasis is putting you the customer first Courtesy Friendly and Courteous staff .

Chem Lab Supplies was formed with the aim of serving small, medium and large Enterprises with the goal of meeting our clients dynamic needs to ensure sustainability Chem Lab Supplies has adhered to a “Customer Center” philosophy that puts each and every customer first and delivers what each client defines as values

Chem Lab Techs is a company that supplies a variety of consumables to manufacturing industries, Food Services, Beverage, Healthcare, Laboratory Reagents, Water-care, Mining, Cleaning as well as cosmetic chemicals.

VISION – Leadership in Laboratory chemicals supply,Lab Equipment supply and chemical raw materials of globally acclaimed, innovative brands and distributors of quality scientific chemicals, Laboratory reagents, mining chemicals, Laboratory instruments and pharmaceutical raw materials

MISSION – To be recognized by our core markets as a reliable supplier of Laboratory Reagents which meet their specific requirements. To continue delivering a service level that meets and exceeds customers’ requirements.To be priced competitively while realizing a profitable and sustained entity

MOTTO – Leadership, Innovation and Excellence

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